Brad Hubbard

My name is Brad Hubbard. Throughout my career, my enthusiasm for technology has taken me on an amazing journey. I've managed telecommunications hardware and software product lines, written and launched my own web and mobile applications, and scoped and architected hundreds of technology projects. I have a passion for tackling interesting problems, and collaborating with driven people to build great things.

I am currently looking for work in Product Management or similar product-focused roles in the Bay Area. If you're interested in hiring me (or know someone who may be), I encourage you to visit my Resume Site to find out a bit more about my professional background.

I try and keep my programming skills sharp with hobby projects, since my career typically does not include development tasks. Below are a few:

  • Push Poll : web + API developer

    PushPoll is an incredibly easy way to quickly ask a bunch of your friends a question and get an answer, summarized and delivered right to you. The goal was to build a system for rapidly gathering discreet information from friends or colleagues.
    Rails3 + JQuery + OAuth2 + JSON + Bootstrap
  • Landing Page : Responsive CSS

    Working with Arthur Lazaro from Fictiontech, created a responsive portfolio and resume website, intended to showcase my work. Arthur provided Photoshop/Illustrator components and overall art direction for the site.
    CSS3 + HTML
  • X10 Rails : sole developer

    An open-source web controller for X10 home automation components, designed for easy API-integration into mobile applications.
    Rails3 + JSON + Bootstrap
  • Amazon Free Android App RSS : sole developer

    An RSS feed created to expose the Amazon App Store's free Daily App. Note: this app will soon be unavailable as a result of Heroku sunsetting their Alpha stack.
    Rails2 + Heroku + Page2Rss
  • Tablekit.js Enhancements : contributor

    Combined two powerful Javascript/Prototype libraries into a single easy-to-use JS file and removed conflicts. Allows table elements to be resizable, sortable, and convert rows to clickable elements with simple class declarations.
  • Encounter Runner : principal developer

    A robust web-based data tracker for WOTC's Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. The system tracks player status, board position, and many other things to allow players to focus more on the game and less on the necessary minutia. Exposes API for companion Android app.
    Rails2 + AJAX + Prototype + REST API